Thursday, 21 June 2012


Full name: Mackenzie Demalia

DOB: 24/12/2000 11 yrs

Country: Australia

Personality: Crazy, Sarcastic, Loves shouting, flirty and is very very stubborn.

Appearance: Long Dark hair, 5.4cm Tall, likes to dress in tight black clothes, can be deadly if needed, sometimes crazy.

Hobbies: Fighting, listening to music, sometimes reading, and flirting with boys.

Favourite film: Any cop shows and movies which are horror or got gore and lots of blood in it.

Favourite Music: Any good songs which are not love songs or 90s/80s songs that comes on the 101.9 (fox fm) radio station.

Favourite book: Exciting and fighting books, usually big chapter books.

Mackenzie can make boys drool after looking at her for 1 quarter of a second. She is an Elemental. Focusing on mostly air and water. She also has an strange ability of compulsion and spirit using.

Her parent died when she was 1yrs old in a plane crash. She found out that she has magic ability when she was attacked by 4 mans hoping to have her as their's to attack other people. She was rescued by Valick Vesuvius and Kelly Marally. They taken care of Mackenzie and teach her magic. Then they became best friend and sometimes fight together. Mackenzie usually fight by herself. She is the flirty one in the group and can get any boy she wants in the world. She got the voice like a bird, really beautiful.